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A Doctor with the Wrong Insurance Policies
A 50-ish doctor came to us for help in making sense of his complicated and haphazard financial situation. He was married with several children, and his wife stayed at home. They had saved well for retirement, but they wanted to improve their investments outside of retirement plans.

During that first year, we accomplished our usual organization of the client’s financial situation, including putting plans in place for taxes, cash flow, insurance, estate planning, and college funding.

One particularly important aspect to the situation was that the client had many small individual life insurance policies with cash value. The doctor expressed his desire to free up the cash value to reinvest elsewhere, and we agreed. Since his life insurance need was a term need, we shopped for replacement term insurance with slightly more face value of coverage. We found the coverage, and the doctor applied for and purchased it. We then surrendered the various cash value policies, liberating hundreds of thousands of dollars to be reinvested outside of retirement plans.


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