financial planning and investment management

Many of our clients have previously had unsatisfactory experiences with other financial “planners” and “advisors” whose primary incentive is to receive commissions and fees to sell or recommend certain products. While they may not characterize their service that way, you still have to ask, “does that fit with my financial plan and future enjoyment?” Maybe not.

We think the only way you can be sure that your needs and objectives come first is with our “fee-only” planning and management. Service fees are based on your earned income and investment assets — it’s that simple.

Stepp & Rothwell does not sell financial products nor receive sales commissions on any financial product or service. Do you wonder if you need a “long-term care policy”? We’ll help you analyze the need, review available policies and make sure the one you choose (if you even need one) is appropriate for your financial plan — but we won’t sell it to you or receive any fee or commission if you choose to buy it. This objectivity sets us apart from the myriad of others who designate themselves as financial planning consultants.

Our incentive is to keep you as a client and we do that by ensuring that you enjoy life — nothing more.


  • Fee-only objectivity
  • No commissions
  • No incentives
  • No distractions
  • Focused only on you

We work on your plan as if it were our own.