financial planning and investment management

We believe that “fee-only” financial planning and advice really means “objective” financial planning and advice. That’s because Stepp & Rothwell does not accept commissions of any kind from the sale of investments or insurance — our professional fees are paid exclusively by our clients. That is an important distinction that you should carefully consider.

Other firms that provide financial advice, planning and brokering may charge you a “fee” based on the total assets placed with them, but they may also earn a commission for recommending certain investments or insurance policies. The question you might ask is, “when does their self-interest come before mine?” At Stepp & Rothwell, the answer is never! Our success is directly related to your happiness and freedom from worry and totally unrelated to any investments or insurance products you might choose.

Our fee for comprehensive financial and investment management is calculated as a retainer for a 12-month period. The retainer fee is assessed at the beginning of each service period using a formula (Fee Schedule). The fee is payable in quarterly installments to coordinate with the quarterly client meetings that are a key feature of our comprehensive services.

FEE-Only Planning
  • Objective advice
  • Fee formula fully disclosed
  • No commissions or incentives
  • Fee assessed annually

Good, objective advice. You’ll see the difference.