Client Stories

One of the best ways to learn about us is to hear from our clients. Here are three stories from clients in different life stages.

*Clients’ names have been changed to protect their privacy

A Young Couple Creating a Solid Foundation

Jane and Steve* moved from Texas to Kansas City with a plan to get married, buy a house, and start a family.

“When we made the move, we knew we needed more insight into our financial situation so we could make the best choices for our future. What could we save? What could we spend? I was 26, and I was a little nervous because I don’t know a ton about the world of finance or financial planning.

When we first met with Stepp & Rothwell, I was a somewhat intimidated, but they broke everything down for me in plain English. They explained everything, answered all of my questions, and made me feel comfortable. It was clear to me that they were very thoughtful in their approach to what we needed.

They’ve never deterred us from doing anything. We come to them with ideas about what we we’d like to do or accomplish and they’ve been super supportive. It’s not, ‘you can’t do that.’ It’s more of, ‘how can we make that work?’

They’ve also gone above and beyond what I think a traditional financial planner does. When I decided to start a small business, they helped me navigate the incorporation process, connected me with the right vendors, helped me understand where to spend and where to save, and were a second set of eyes on everything to make sure it was done correctly. We’re getting ready to buy a new house, and they got everything to the lender in six hours. They just took the ball and ran with it. They bend over backwards to help you.

They’re always there if we have even the smallest question. Our advisor is quick to respond and usually has an answer for us in under 24 hours. I know we’re not their largest client, but we have always felt like we were their top priority, from Day One.

We’ve moved away from Kansas City several years ago, first to one large city and then to another. We continue to be Stepp & Rothwell, Inc. clients because the service we get is top-notch and we have an enormous amount of trust in them.

For me, it’s so nice to know that we’re going in the right direction. We now have two small children, and we want to make sure we can pay for their education. I sleep at night because I know that we’re doing okay and we’re on a good path.”

A Pre-Retirement Widow Grateful for Preparedness

Sarah’s* husband was on solid footing for retirement but wanted to improve the family’s overall financial picture.

“Richard* was in his mid-fifties when we hired Stepp & Rothwell, Inc. We have several children and I didn’t work outside the home. We were set up well for retirement, but the rest of our financial situation seemed overly complicated and a little haphazard. We both wanted a clearer picture and some guidance on how to continue to improve.

Stepp & Rothwell, Inc. organized everything, including creating plans for taxes, cash flow, insurance, estate planning, and college funding. Richard had taken out many small individual life insurance policies with cash value, and our advisor agreed with Richard that it would be better to free up the cash value and reinvest it. Stepp & Rothwell, Inc. shopped for replacement coverage and once that was in place, the smaller policies were surrendered in exchange for several hundred thousand dollars that was reinvested.

That alone was a huge help, but when my husband died unexpectedly several months later, the financial organization Stepp & Rothwell, Inc. did for us proved invaluable. I remain grateful that in the middle of a horrible personal tragedy I didn’t have to worry about determining what accounts we had, where they were held, or what to do with them. You never know what’s going to happen in the future, but you can try to be prepared. That’s what Stepp & Rothwell, Inc. did for me.”

Multiple Generations with Different Needs

Nancy and her husband Charles* are the second generation of Stepp & Rothwell, Inc. clients in their family.

“The first person to sign on as a client was my Mom; she and my Dad were some of the firm’s first clients. When my Dad passed away unexpectedly at age 63, Mom had the support of the firm. They helped her get through that part of his passing. I knew she had their help so I knew I didn’t have to worry.

About ten years later, Mom started having health problems, and she worked with the firm to come up with options for providing for her care. Mom made all of the decisions, but not having to find and research options was invaluable. The firm also made sure Mom had powers of attorney in place to provide continuity of care and deal with emergencies. Mom’s health unfortunately continued to decline and she is no longer able to make her own decisions, but I don’t have to worry about her finances or wonder whether anyone knows what’s going on. I am so thankful for that.

A few years ago, we became clients of the firm. We never thought that we had enough money to become a client, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about, “Here’s what you have, here’s what we can do with that.” They work with where you are and help you to reach your goals. They don’t tell you what to do or how to live your life.

They also follow through and they actually do meet with you quarterly. And it’s not the kind of meeting where it’s somebody you don’t know or met once and they give you a bunch of print-outs and the meeting’s over. They put everything in a format we can understand, and if I don’t understand it, I can ask as many questions as I need to.

The most important thing, though, is the personal service. They got to know us and the way we live our life, and they work with us to reach our goals. They’re like family. Because both my mom and my family are clients, I’m in constant communication with our planner, who I really feel is a partner to help us. We were with our insurance brokers for 20 years, and they met with us maybe once a year and never knew us.

The firm goes way beyond the second mile in helping you meet all your needs, and it’s all done with confidentiality, integrity, and character.”

Just a Few of Our Happy Clients

*Please Note: The scope of any financial planning and consulting services to be provided depends upon the request and needs of the client.  Stepp & Rothwell, Inc. does not serve as an attorney, accountant, or insurance agent. Stepp & Rothwell, Inc. does not prepare estate planning documents or tax returns, nor does it sell insurance products.